7 April 2014 y., Monday

At an exhibition “Supernamai 2014”, “Penki kontinentai” will offer ideas for more economical and comfortable life

The middle of spring is the best time to find new ideas for home. And plenty of them will be introduced at the first construction and interior exhibition “Supernamai 2014”, which will take place on April 10th–13th, in “Siemens” Arena in the capital city. Advanced technological solutions that help to live comfortably and economically will be offered by a group of companies “Penki kontinentai”. Visitors of the exhibition will have the opportunity to have a look at the company’s Smart House solutions and learn more about a project “Loft Town” equipped with these smart solutions and developed in the centre of Vilnius.

According to an expert of smart buildings of “Penki kontinentai” Vaidas Janulis, “Smart House” is a combination of comfort and economy. “Having installed “smart” house system, you will always feel safe and comfortable in your home. “Smart House” monitors all processes that take place in the house; it controls lighting, adjusts heating and ventilation, thus it will never be too cold or too hot inside the house, and you will never leave the lights on or gas tap open, when leaving for vacation.  Experts have calculated that an installed smart house system saves up to 50 percent of heating, 40 percent of ventilation and 60 percent of lighting costs”, explains V. Janulis.

Water and heat meters connected to the “Smart House” system provide residents with detailed information about consumption, while automatic accounting system “Smart Metering” records all readings and allows you to view and pay generated bills. Moreover, residents will be able to view on their computer or mobile device screen the specific part of the set amount of resources used during the current month and receive a warning, if the amount of resources used exceeds the planned amount.

Residents of smart house feel both comfortable and safe in their home. Security of the building, the surrounding area, the residents and the property inside the house is ensured by cameras of a German company “Mobotix”. “Smart House” specialists will also demonstrate capabilities of these high-resolution and wide angle cameras to the visitors of the exhibition.

Yet another project to be introduced by representatives of “Penki kontinentai” is the project “Loft Town” that is being developed in the centre of the capital city, whose residents are already using the smart system adapted to apartment buildings and all its benefits, i.e. comfort, economy and security. This is the largest loft project in Lithuania: apartments, studios and premises for creative and usual work developed on a parcel of almost 30 thousand square meters. Low-rise buildings, closed green yards, convenient access and the Old Town close by, high-speed Internet offered to the residents of “Loft Town” free of charge during the first year, cost-saving “Smart House” accounting system – all these are benefits of a different living in the city, which have been tested and are appreciated by the first newcomers of the loft town.

Organizers of the exhibition “Supernamai 2014” promise that it will be different than usual. The event will engage all visitors: they will be able to find new products and materials in the field of household under a single roof, and to have a great time with the whole family in the lively craft fair and day events intended for families.


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